How to Use Your Lavender Infused Skincare

How to Use Your Lavender Infused Skincare

3 products that you can use on their own or together as a set to reveal a healthy + happy glow:

1.  MASK

Cleanse + clarify with the firming + mineral-rich clay mask once a week.

Start with ½ tsp of powder in a bowl. Add water + mix until a mud-like consistency is reached. Boost it with additions to fit your facial needs. A few of our faves include Aloe Vera Juice, Pure Raw Honey, Yogurt + Herbal Tea.

Apply to a clean face + neck, avoiding the eyes. Wait 5-10 minutes just before it's dry. Remove with a cloth + water.

TIP: For a hydrating treatment add a few drops of Face Oil to the mixture.

2.  MIST

Tone + hydrate with the revitalizing mist as often as you wish throughout the day.

It encourages skin cell renewal while balancing your complexion + sealing in moisture. Plus it’s loaded with potent antioxidants to strengthen the skin's protective barrier.

Shake before use + spritz on face + body with eyes closed.

TIP: Inhale deeply for the healing benefits of aromatherapy to uplift + calm your mood.


Nourish + moisturize with the ultra-luxe, lightweight face oil in the morning + evening.

It's loaded with vitamins + antioxidants to give skin luxurious, long-lasting hydration + a dewy, refreshed look.

Apply daily on your face + neck in an upward motion with your fingertips. A couple drops goes a long way.

TIP: Choose the blend that's targeted to your unique skin type +/or appeals to your senses.

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