Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do as we care deeply about the environment.  Our products are packaged in glass containers so they can be reused or recycled with refillable and biodegradable options to conserve waste. 

We also use a rainwater collection and drip irrigation system in the lavender field as water is a precious resource.  By collecting runoff from the barn's metal roof and storing it in an underground storage tank, it not only conserves water but is a highly efficient water and nutrient delivery system.  The drip hose slowly releases water back into the soil for infiltration so the plants get exactly what they need, when they need it to grow optimally.

The Love Between Lambs and Lavender

The lavender and the lambs on Black Horse Ranch have a special symbiotic relationship.  When the lambs roam through the lavender field, they naturally weed the patch. Somehow they know to eat the weeds, but leave the plants and flowers alone. Their manure is also used to fertilize the soil and the hair that is sheared each spring acts as mulch to keep the weeds at bay and protect the plants during winter.  It’s a form of permaculture, a self-sustainable agricultural ecosystem.  It is the cycle of life and growth.

Similar to the lavender, the lambs have a healing quality to them. They are playful and energetic. Innocent and curious. They climb and jump and skip. They have fun and take chances.  Within minutes of being born, a baby lamb can already stand and immediately starts to explore what their nimble bodies can do.  They take time to relax with the flock and chew their cud which is all part of the physical digestive process of rumination.  And it also feels like a form of meditation too.