Our philosophy centres around the belief that nature has a special ability to heal and nurture. True wellness, from digestion to daily routines, embraces a holistic approach. This philosophy is embodied by Naomi, founder of Little Lamb Lavender and visionary behind Yoga Cowgirl Co., a wellness company focusing on mindful self-care, offering women's retreats and workshops that blend yoga, outdoor adventures, therapeutic experiences, local cuisine, and more.

Resilience is the heartbeat of our company, driving our ability to endure and thrive in challenges. We view challenges as opportunities for growth, committing to adapt, learn, and evolve for sustained success.

Courage fuels our commitment to innovation, authenticity, and ethical decision-making. We believe in bold ideas, taking calculated risks, speaking up for what's right, challenging the status quo, and championing positive change.

Trust is at the heart of our relationships – with customers, partners, and within our team. Earned through transparency, accountability, and consistency, trust forms the foundation for collaboration and open communication.

Compassion is the soul of our company, guiding interactions with empathy and understanding. Recognizing interconnectedness, compassion extends beyond our circles to contribute positively to the broader community and environment. We approach challenges with a compassionate mindset, embracing diversity for the well-being of people and the planet.