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Little Lamb Lavender creates and curates high quality, hand-crafted, lavender-inspired products.  Each product, ranging from totally clean skincare to thoughtfully prepared gourmet items is a little bit of wellness and a little bit of luxury.  Each product is unique to Little Lamb Lavender, made in small batches and crafted especially for you.

Owner Naomi Nyuli works closely with local farms, artisans, makers and small businesses to conjure and create products that refresh, delight and inspire. Each product is made with a particular blend of lavender and creative a mix of simple ingredients.  The lavender in the products is grown on the Black Horse Ranch, just outside of Smithers, in the beautiful Bulkley Valley, in Northwest BC. This is the home of Naomi, her husband and their family of animals – including the little lambs.

The lavender is grown with love, grit and purpose. These are the qualities it takes to run a farm and a business. And as we all know, this is what it takes for all of us to survive and thrive in our everyday personal and professional lives, in the big and little moments.

Through our carefully made products, we hope to pass these qualities – along with some peace and joy– onto you.

 your joy

The aim of Little Lamb Lavender products is to bring more joy, tranquility and energy into your life. We want to inspire you when you are uninspired. To help you relax if you are stressed. We want to boost your immunity and calm your nervous system. Our purpose is more peace, wellness, and a touch of luxury, for your mind, body, and spirit.

Over and above being a beautiful plant with a sensual scent, lavender is well-known for its therapeutic virtues. Lavender is used for a range of issues including treating stomach problems, calming nerves and enhancing moods. The number of products that do and can include lavender is endless – creams, cookies, teas and sprays. Lavender oil is the most used essential oil in the world.

While lavender is exceptionally versatile and healing, the plant itself is also elegant. The stem is tall and thin, with beautiful delicate-looking purple florets. Yet, the plant is hardy and strong.

Symbolically, lavender flowers represent purity, serenity, grace and calm.