Little Lamb Lavender started off as a passion project for owner Naomi Nyuli.

After running a successful web company for many years in ‘the big city’ of Toronto, Naomi moved to Northwest BC in the early 2000s for a quieter lifestyle. Initially, the transition to small town life was a shock, but the North soon felt like home.  And she embraced all that came with the rural lifestyle.

After working in communications while also teaching yoga for many years, Naomi took a chance. With no backcountry experience and just a strong love of horses, she enrolled in a one-month wilderness guiding course. She learned a variety of wilderness skills - including how to pack horses and skin wild game.  How Canadian is that!

Meeting some resistance from employers because of her inexperience, Naomi persisted and secured a seasonal job as a Wrangler at a Guide Outfitters. She spent three seasons living in extreme wilderness conditions, caring for horses and guests. The work and the lifestyle was tough, but she loved it.

Naomi realized she also loved the Cowboy who was her boss.  And he loved her too.  Almost a decade later, Carmen Nyuli, is her husband and life partner.  And together, they are making their dreams come true.

The couple bought 35-acres of raw land just outside of Smithers – what is now called the Black Horse Ranch. In just a few years, they cleared the property and installed utilities. They’ve built an elegant house, a large workshop, multiple gardens, and fences and pastures for their animals, which includes two dogs, two cats, three horses and depending on the month and year, approximately 20 ewes, rams and lambs.  And of course, a large lavender patch.

For years, Naomi continued to work high stress jobs.  With a streak for marketing and entrepreneurship, she always had passion projects on the side too, related to health, wellness and personal growth.

With the first batch of lavender from the farm, Naomi started to make and sell eye pillows. The more she worked with the lavender, the more she recognized the harmony between the plant and the farm, the more she wanted to share its therapeutic qualities.

Naomi followed her heart and Little Lamb Lavender was born.